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Tuesday, 28 March 2017 11:26
FRESNO - Early Tueday morning a patrol officer from the Fresno Police Department saw a driver in a Toyota Camry at Cheryl/Saginaw refuse to yield for the flashing lights of a school bus as children were getting off of the bus. The driver, later identified as 30 year old Emtwon Joseph James Anderson, refused to yield to the officers code lights when the officer attempted to make a traffic stop on the Camry.

A slow speed pursuit occurred in the area of Shaw and Marty avenues. During the pursuit, there was minimal traffic on the roadway. As the patrol officer chased the Camry eastbound on Shaw Avenue at Marty Avenue, Anderson made a northbound turn onto Marty Avenue against a red traffic signal.

The pursuing officer was struck by a southbound motorist as the officer entered the intersection to follow the Camry. The motorist was driving a Mazda and the impact of the collision caused the Mazda to strike a traffic signal pole at the southwest corner of that intersection. The driver was injured by the airbag which struck him in the mouth.

After the collision, Anderson continued fleeing northbound and pulled behind a fax bus northbound on Brawley Avenue, north of Shaw. As Anderson was stopped behind the bus, a plainclothes officer came up behind him and was able to detain him in the vehicle.

The driver of the Mazda was transported to the hospital for treatment. Anderson, on felony probation for a gun violation and a sex registrant, claimed he did not stop for pursuing officers because he was in possession of marijuana and he did not want to get caught with marijuana while being on felony probation. Anderson admitted he smoked marijuana prior to driving the Camry.

Anderson has been charged with DUI, felony probation violation, evading a peace officer and possession of marijuana.

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