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Written by Jack W Porter, Jr.   
Monday, 20 February 2017 13:06

EDITORIAL - You people talking recall don't know the first thing about getting it going. You also don't know the first thing about the problems Mr. Gonzales has caused at Madera Unified.

If you owned a business Ramiro Alvarez, which I am sure you do not, what would you do to an employee that ignored your requests or was publicly and privately disrespectful to you? Read his evaluation in the Tribune. This guy need to be fired even before he was hired.

Ask Ed why he left Madera Unified the first time? He couldn't get along with his supervisor who claimed was harassing him. The man was Mike Young and he has since past, but Gonzales and him went around and around because Ed could not follow instructions.

Ed Gonzales and his arrogant ways caused his own problems.

Mr. Alvarez you don't have the community support to initiate a recall. You look at the Ranchos and think its an easy process. The Ranchos and the city of Madera are two WAY different communities.

First of all Madera isn't as close-knit of a community as the Ranchos. They know who their neighbors are and communicate well with each other. That is not Madera.

I bet you can't name ten families on your street. I know I can't. We are a community divided by train tracks and language barriers. A divide that neither side seems willing to fix. So you think you can united the community behind a recall effort?

All you're going to do is widen the divide in this community or you're going to find people JUST DON'T CARE. Hell you can't even get two qualified people to run for an office in the school district or city council. You're going to get people motivated to start a recall?

Some think S.O.S. meant Save Our Schools. In reality it was just the Same Old (well you know).



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